Commercial RTMs

Ready to move Commercial builds

Do you want a new commercial building that is ready for business immediately after it has been moved?

  • Surprise your competition by opening your doors before they can even react

  • Take advantage of a short term business opportunity

Recent Commercial RTM Projects

Are you located in an old rural building?  Is your building rotting and in dire need of repair?  Consider a new Commercial RTM or a Hybrid RTM Building!

  • Single building units available up to 2,500 sq ft.  Larger models are available in multiple sections.

  • Land in small towns / rural areas is relatively inexpensive – this makes bringing in a Commercial RTM / Hybrid RTM building financially attractive.

  • When you want to retire and sell your business, unfortunately, the hard reality is having an old building makes it hard.

  • Having a newer building to sell along with your business is much easier

  • If you can sell your business and they don’t want the building – we have designed the building to be easily moved again with minimal expense.  You can move the building or sell it separately to someone else

  • Sell your business, keep the building and rent it back to who you sold the business to.

All of this is achievable with a Commercial RTM / Hybrid RTM from VOCE

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