Spiritwood Pharmacy Renovation

Spiritwood Pharmacy Renovation (Spiritwood, SK)

VOCE is very excited to be part of this incredible project for the Town of Spiritwood.

  • VOCE designed, with the assistance of Dustin Bueckert (Bueckert Design), a new-looking building front for Main Street in Spritiwood.
  • This store will be the new location for the Spiritwood Pharmacy.
  • VOCE worked with a consultant from eastern Canada on the pharmacy layout and design.
  • VOCE is doing the majority of the day-to-day construction tasks and all of the material selection and project management.
  • VOCE, Bueckert Design and the owners, Gary and Heather, have put a lot of work into giving this store a very modern, west coast appearance.
  • This project is still underway but stay tuned for updates as we will be unveiling a big surprise in the spring of 2018 for this store.