Tullis Coop C-Store

Tullis Coop C-Store Renovation (Lucky Lake, SK)

VOCE was the successful bidder on the building of an addition to the Tullis Coop C-Store plus the completion of the interior renovation to the existing store.

  • VOCE worked with the staff and management at the Tullis Coop, KSA Architecture, Federated Coop and various consultants to construct the addition and complete the interior renovation.
  • VOCE diligently handled a strict construction schedule and delivered an on-time and on-budget project that earned the respect of all those we worked with.
  • The C-Store remained open throughout the entire construction process as this store provides many day-to-day necessities to the local residents.
  • VOCE gained a reputation with the Coop being honest and transparent in all we do.
  • We look forward to many more Coop jobs.